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  • Secure Membranes
  • Installing Embedded Angle
  • Secure Bracing
  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Secure Bucks
  • Installing Weld Plates and Joist Bearing Plates
  • Secure Seams
  • Installing Beam Pockets
  • Secure Lines
  • Installing Perimeter EPS Deck Forms
  • Secure Ledges
  • Secure Electrical Boxes
  • Secure Openings

  • Secure Openings

    Use Ram-Snaps around window, door, or any openings to create an instant, removable, security system for your building. 
    Place Ram-Snaps around the perimeter of any opening. Pour the wall, the Ram-Snaps are now fully anchored and ready to create your security system. Block windows, doors, and openings with plywood and 2 x 4's to keep weather or intruders out. When you are ready to install the windows, simply remove the clips. 

    Ram-Snaps will bring your multi level project into compliance by securing 2 x 4's across openings at elevated heights!



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