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  • Secure Membranes
  • Installing Embedded Angle
  • Secure Bracing
  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Secure Bucks
  • Installing Weld Plates and Joist Bearing Plates
  • Secure Seams
  • Installing Beam Pockets
  • Secure Lines
  • Installing Perimeter EPS Deck Forms
  • Secure Ledges
  • Secure Electrical Boxes
  • Secure Openings

  • Secure Lines

    Ram-Snaps installed on the corners will remain in place to assure that
    your string lines remain tight!

    Drill a 1/2" hole in a 2 x 4 block, wrap a Ram-Snap around the reinforcing steel in each corner. Cut a slit in the form with a drywall saw and push the Ram-Snap through. Place the block and then the string line over the Ram-Snap and with the Ram-Snap tool apply downward pressure on the handle, place the clip over a loop in the string line at the block and that end is secured. Proceed the same way at the next corner by stretching the string line and wrapping it around the Ram-Snap. Place the clip over the string line and that length is complete.

    This is by far the easiest, fastest, and most secure way to attach lines to ICF forms!


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