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  • Secure Membranes
  • Installing Embedded Angle
  • Secure Bracing
  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Secure Bucks
  • Installing Weld Plates and Joist Bearing Plates
  • Secure Seams
  • Installing Beam Pockets
  • Secure Lines
  • Installing Perimeter EPS Deck Forms
  • Secure Ledges
  • Secure Electrical Boxes
  • Secure Openings

  • Secure Electrical Boxes

    Install electrical boxes anywhere on the wall!

    Securing electrical boxes anywhere on the wall just became easier with Ram-Snaps! Locate the box anywhere on the wall, cut the form and install the box and conduit as usual. Use Ram-Snaps on either side of the opening by looping them over a secured horizontal rebar parallel to the electrical box. Use a drywall saw to cut a vertical slit into the form and push the Ram-Snap through. Drill two corresponding 1/2" holes in a board and slide the board over the Ram-Snaps and on top of the electrical box. With the Ram-Snap tool, apply pressure against the board until you can see a 3/4" distance between the tool and the board. Insert the clips and you are complete!

    The Ram-Snaps hold the tabs and the box firmly in place! Set any electrical box on any elevation with Ram-Snap!


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