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  • Secure Membranes
  • Installing Embedded Angle
  • Secure Bracing
  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Secure Bucks
  • Installing Weld Plates and Joist Bearing Plates
  • Secure Seams
  • Installing Beam Pockets
  • Secure Lines
  • Installing Perimeter EPS Deck Forms
  • Secure Ledges
  • Secure Electrical Boxes
  • Secure Openings

  • Secure Bracing

    Build and install your own bracing quickly and easily with Ram-Snap fasteners!
    Using 2 x4 's securely anchored at the base and diagonally braced per industry standards, loop a Ram-Snap on any vertical rebar. Pull the tail of the ram snap between blocks, between seams, or through the form using a drywall saw to cut a slit through the foam. Using a piece of light gauge metal track with a 1/2'" hole drilled through, slide the track over the Ram-Snap to hold the 2 x 4's in place. Next use the Ram-Snap tool, to tighten the fastener by applying downward pressure on the handle. Place the Ram-Snap clip over the metal track and your vertical brace is ready: easy, fast, and secure!


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