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  • Secure Membranes
  • Installing Embedded Angle
  • Secure Bracing
  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames
  • Secure Bucks
  • Installing Weld Plates and Joist Bearing Plates
  • Secure Seams
  • Installing Beam Pockets
  • Secure Lines
  • Installing Perimeter EPS Deck Forms
  • Secure Ledges
  • Secure Electrical Boxes
  • Secure Openings

  • Installing Hollow Metal Door Frames

    If you have metal door frames to set: Ram-Snap is a real time saver!
    Order your hollow metal frames pre drilled and dimpled for surface mount applications. Anchor the bottom of the door jamb with approved manufacturers' hardware. Plumb and level the jambs. As you build your wall loop Ram-Snaps around the secured vertical reinforcing bar adjacent to the jamb.
    Slide the Ram-Snap through the hole in the jamb and install a clip. This will hold the jamb in place until the wall is built. When the height of the wall on both sides of the door opening is equal to the last dimpled hole, you are ready to complete the installation. Remove the clip from the Ram-Snap and use the tool to apply pressure against the jamb. When you can see a 3/4" gap between the tool and the jamb, reinstall the Ram-Snap. Go to the opposite side and repeat the procedure. Work your way up the jamb until all the Ram-Snap clips have been installed under pressure.

    Check the jamb once again to make sure that it is plumb and level. Install spreaders from jamb to jamb, and the installation is complete!

    Installing jambs with Ram-Snaps saves countless labor hours!


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