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The owner and inventor of Ram-Snap Inc. collaborated with the owners of Ram-Snap Pro to provide the finest quality fastener for the ICF industry. Both principals have extensive backgrounds in the construction field, primarily in the masonry and concrete industries.

They recognized that a void existed in the ICF industry, particularly regarding the fastening of blocking and miscellaneous materials. Their combined knowledge of labor sequences and daily challenges on the job, have been instrumental in providing guidelines for the multitude of uses for the Ram-Snap fastener. Ram-Snap Pro is dedicated to educating the contractor to the variety of applications for the Ram-Snap fastener. Our staff has the expertise and the experience to provide advise on technical questions regarding the Ram-Snap use.

We are continually evaluating new potentials for the Ram-Snap fastener. Our research and development department will evaluate different applications and products that prove to be beneficial to the ICF industry.

We are committed to providing the best all around fastener to reduce your labor costs on the time consuming "detail work."

GT Distributing, Inc is the sole supplier of Ram-Snaps for the ICF Industry



Ramsnaps. Construction tie works with icf tools. Great with masonry tools. As seen in icf mag. Concrete form tools. Used in the icf industry.



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